Fresh NYE Thoughts

Bringing in the New Year with Fresh Entertainment was simply inspiring.  From the very beginning of the event, reminiscing with friends, people we’ve worked with, and the Fresh Family, to the last beat played this event reminded us of the old school vibe that we’ve all come to love and cherish from the Rave scene.  Starting from the top, Tom Stein came out of the gate and ROCKED that lil ol’ Seaport with an electrifying house set.  Soon after William Black & 7 Skies followed up with equally killer sets.  Then we took a turn for the psy.  Will Atkinson blew our minds with the melodic mind bending psychedelic trance that you would expect from an international headliner.  To close out 2014 and ring in 2015 Lady Faith took the stage at 11:50.  The crowd blew up instantly and danced and stomped its way into 2015.  Closing out the night was the fan’s favorite and rightly so, AngerFist.  In true hardcore fashion, AngerFist slammed it hard until the venue could not take any more.  Please enjoy this video from AngerFist’s Set and check out others on our Youtube Channel /whatyouwantprod .  We want to thank Fresh Entertainment and everyone else who as a part of the production for making the Last (and First) event of the year one for the record books.


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