What We Do

We provide the following services:


WYW provides top quality Visual Jockeys to sync what you are seeing at an event with what you are hearing. WYW provides custom made visuals and video clips to project at events and throughout the event add effects to sync to the music. Well versed in software, hardware, current technologies, and setups we create an original experience everytime.


Disc Jockey services are a dime a dozen these days. So what sets WYW’s DJ’s apart? We only work with DJ’s who are professional, up to date with the latest music, and willing to go the extra mile on every show. In addition, we expect our DJ’s to acquire feedback from our clients before, during, and after a show to insure that everyone gets “what they want.”

Video Projection

What you want provides custom visual setups, mappings, and projection equipment to meet your needs. From movie nights to wedding slideshows to product roll-outs, we can take your event to the next level.

Sound Systems

WYW provides and delivers audio equipment to events. Being able to convey your message and your ideas through your music is important and WYW provides crisp audio to do just that. We provide a range of Sound equipment and work with some of the largest sound companies in Los Angeles to meet our customers’ needs.


Do you need your event recorded? Want to have HD memories that will last forever? Want to reach a larger audience or reach out to people who couldn’t make your event? What You Want has the ability to do all this. We can intertwine the music, visuals, and vibe of your event and save it all for promotion or to share later. Book us now for film & live broadcasts.

Video Editing

Here at WYW we are able to take an idea of an event, film it, edit it, create custom content, and then package it and release it to the public for everyone to enjoy. Every video we’ve work on is unique. Every editing job is custom and catered to your needs. We’re not satisfied nor will we release a video until ever frame is complete and the client is satisfied. Let us help create a promo video, a event recap, or just show off your work today.

Custom Visuals

WYW creates awe-inspiring custom themed visuals that makes each event memorable. Using a myriad of software programs, hardware, filming and editing techniques, we design visuals for any occasion. Some examples of what we can do are as follows : Vj Clips, 3D Text/Logos, Intros, Promotional Videos, Slideshows, Custom DVD menus & features, Power Point slides/graphics, Presentations, Lower 3rds, Photo to Video conversions, Advertisements, and Music Videos.

In addition, we also offer for sale:
  • custom video clips
  • apparel