Here at What You Want Productions we are always looking toward the future. We constantly rethink and rework our way of providing quality event services to our clients. With that we are expanding currently to include these services as well as many others:

Booking – This includes Dj’s, Vj’s, Artists, Dancers, and Promotion teams.

Technology – Using the latest and greatest in computers, servers, internet apps, and software to make sure we are up to par as well as provide YOU with something no one else has seen before. We are constantly training our people to be at the cutting edge and push the boundaries of what we can do.

Modular/Mobile Services – With the advent and growth of wireless and cellular devices, we are researching and developing new ways to interact with the crowd, connect people who cannot physically be at events, and promote in unique and fun ways.

More to come…

If you would like to be a part of the W.Y.W. team or have any insight or curiosities about these points feel free to hit us up at: wyw@wywca.com