Fresh back from Seattle, and subsequently Las Veags as well, we are moving forward with our new plans for 2014. We had a great time out at Tia Lou in the heart of Seattle Vjing and Djing under “Visual Symphony”. Special Thanks to Sid Z, Pavit, and Amir for the great experience and hope to be up there again soon. Also it was a pleasure to work along side Dj Danger and Tina T. as they both rocked the house and rang in the new year. Will have to go visit L.V. again and check out some of Tina T’s events out there. Now some comments on the venue.

Tia Lou’s was excellent. After reading some reviews online we weren’t sure what to make of the place until we got there. Upon flying in went directly to the venue and found out it was much larger and way more decked out than it looks in the pictures. The owners showed us around the city and treated us like kings. All these negative reviews you see online about the security turned out to be false. Everyone there was super friendly, treated us like family, and on top of that the drinks were STRONG. Would definitely go back and enjoy a night out at Tia Lou’s again.

So what does “What You Want” have planned for 2014? We’ve been working on making tons of new custom graphics and gearing up to sell them through the website under the “store” section. On top of this, we’ve added some new gear and services that we really want to get out there and share with the world as well as our clients. Webcasting, Video, Vj, and Live Streams will be just some of the main things we will focus on this year. Secondly we are looking to hire people on to our crew. Every good company (and production) needs people. As we are expanding we will be taking resumes, reviewing applicants, artists, and dancers for current open positions. If we like what we see will invite you down to an interview and go from there. Lastly we just want to extend our gratitude and THANKS to everyone who gave us a chance to work with them in 2013. Gigs like EDC, Burning man, and Youtopia in SD were amazing. Go check it out for yourself in the Video section or on our youtube.


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