Tiffany Mysteria

A California native, Mysteria was born to perform. As a child, she started taking dance lessons at the age of 4 and perfected the art of ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop by high school. She also played soccer and flag football, ran track, and practiced gymnastics and Karate. Now Mysteria likes to keep physically active with yoga, hiking, and dance. A recent grad with a degree in Psychology and holding a Real Estate Broker’s license, this beauty has brains and business sense too! After completing her undergrad, Mysteria realized there were still some things she wanted to accomplish before attending grad school. She realized her dream is to travel the world performing for big name DJ’s at music festivals! She wants to give back by spreading a healthy body image to people. Mysteria wants to show people that along with a positive attitude, staying physically active and eating a healthy diet are all you need to have a healthy body image! Her personal favorite genres of music to dance to are Dubstep, Trap, and Trance, but she can also get down to some funky house or electro (and everything inbetween).
Mysteria has been dancing for almost 20 years! (ballet, jazz, hip-hop, freestyle)
She has been pole dancing for 4 years
Gogo dancing for 1 year
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