Pulsar is a producer/DJ in the Electronic dance music scene. Pulsar began Training with music production in 2008. Shortly after in 2011 he obained a distribution contract with Sonic Master Works . influenced by classic rock, and funk. He began playing guitar and piano. He began listening to electronic music in the early 90′s and started with electronic music influences such as Armin van Burren, Marco V., Tiesto, Infected Mushroom, Paul van Dyke, Paul Okenfold, Swedish Egil, Daft Punk, The CrystalMethod, Uberzone, Kaskade,Pendulum, Dieselboy and AK 1200. One could define Pulsar’s set as a power filled rollercoaster with massive drops, fierce switch-ups ,euphoric hills and valleys all surrounded in a majestic, and fierce beauty. His vision: to combine all of his favorite types and brand new ground breaking forms of electronica into one fun-filled adventure. From floor-stomping electro grooves, to body-rocking dubstep, Pulsar is sure to please all pallets, while at the same time, never boring a certain nitch fan of a genre.With his soul dedicated to creating and performing electronic music, Pulsar promises to deliver nothing short of excellence with his beats that spark the innovated minds of today’s generations and those to come. Fueled by his passion for music Pulsar will continue practicing the art of music and delivering the message of beauty, truth and understanding behind it.

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