In 1999 Robert Solis aka DSTNKT, attended his first Rave party… from that night he set his mind to electronic.
He shortly after saved up and bought his first set of Turntables and Mixer… starting off on vinyl, he spent countless hours, playing track after track.. finding his style. After much time and practice he started off his DJ career playing UK Hardcore, over the years he continued in this genre as a DJ but he also did side work with the House genre never really playing it live but always having a secret love for House music. in 2007 he then retired from the Hardcore Genre, making his debut into the House scene, with his name already well known many expected him to perform hardcore sets and were both stunned and amused with his new house perks. As of today he has dedicated his life to house music, producing countless tracks and making remixes of many huge artists. If you ever have time to see this artist perform, don’t hesitate it’ll be worth your while.





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